HUG Research Labs was established at the Great Campus in Genoa in 2019 by Selena Bozzolasco, an aesthetic physician with more than a decade of experience behind her. The company consists of a team with diverse backgrounds and skills, particularly in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and galenic fields, with a desire to succeed in meeting customer needs by finding innovative methods to help combat skin aging issues and skin pseudo-pathologies.

With this perspective of a multidisciplinary team that succeeds in responding to the patient’s needs by embracing the issue from different points of view, HUG Research Labs is taking advantage of the collaboration and presence of a new associate: Stefania Acquaro, a pharmacist and nutrition expert.

The company’s goal is to consolidate its business in the cosmeceutical arena through the creation of innovative dermocosmetics, with a special focus on ingredients that possess particular benefits for our skin. Thanks to the know-how possessed in this field, HUG Research Labs succeeds in developing innovative formulas that contain ingredients that help to effectively counteract the effects of time on the skin.

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