What is the cause of dry skin itching?

dry and itchy skin

Dry skin and itching represent an almost inseparable combination. And it is certainly no coincidence that people suffering from dehydrated skin end up with itching as one of their main symptoms.

In this in-depth discussion, therefore, we will try to shed some light on the relationship between dry skin, itchiness and redness, and how we can find the best relief through the use of a special cream for dry and itchy skin.


Dry and itchy skin: a symptom not to be underestimated

Itching is a symptom of dry skin that deserves not to be underestimated. Contrary to what you may think, in fact, this is not the first symptom of dry skin, and, therefore, if one’s skin appears to be particularly itchy, it probably means that one has already passed the first stage of irritation.

In fact, when the skin begins to lose its moisture, it tends to become taut and rough to the touch. Itching usually comes later, when the dehydrated skin is left untreated, losing additional fluids. In this case, cracking and flaking occur, in addition to the aforementioned itchy condition.

If then the dry and dehydrated skin is not treated even after these clear symbols appear, then others may arise: itching may become so intense that it disturbs rest and daily activities, andskin cuts or cracks may make their appearance.

Dry hands and itchy skin

The phenomenon of dry skin itching can affect all parts of the body. Usually a general dryness will mainly affect the feet and legs, considering that these areas have fewer sebaceous glands and are more often exposed to the environment. Thus, it could also affect the hands, another particularly worn area of our body, and then affect the face as well, promoting premature aging.

Dry and itchy skin: natural remedies and best creams

Remedying dry itchy skin is, for the most part, quite simple.

The first useful step you can take on this journey is to cleanse dry skin with a substance that is moisturizing and gentle enough not to remove lipids that are present on the surface.

In this regard, it is crucial to find the right products for the well-being of one’s skin, especially when it comes to facial skin: in fact, using the wrong products can increase skin dryness and contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

Our advice is obviously to try using Multi Sensitive Treatment, a routine that involves using one or two drops of the elixir in the evening, and applying the cream in the morning, possibly also as a base for make-up.

Alongside this caution, it is certainly helpful to avoid all factors that can contribute to dry skin, such as dry air and hot water. It is also advisable to wear clothes made from natural fabrics such as cotton or silk, which do not irritate the skin.

Then as for the methods that act internally, it is essential to make sure that you drink enough fluids, replenishing them not only with water, but also with a varied and balanced diet that, thanks also to the intake of fruits and vegetables, can help provide the skin with all the substances it needs to stay hydrated for a long time.

Doing so will make it possible not only to remedy dry skin that tends to itch, but also to act preventatively, anticipating the evidence of certain symptoms that might appear if the skin is treated incorrectly.

If you want to learn more, we recommend reading our in-depth discussion of skin texture, and what alipid dry skin is and how you can treat it.

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