What are the most common skin diseases?

what are the skin diseases

Being the largest organ in our body, it is no wonder that the skin is constantly affected by a long series of diseases, more or less serious. But what are the common skin diseases? How to recognize the most common skin diseases? And how to cope with skin conditions by improving facial skin?

With the understanding that our invitation is always to share the health status of your skin in the company of a good dermatologist who can make a timely and specific analysis of your skin condition, below we will try to make a brief overview of all the pathologies that most frequently might affect your skin. Let’s find out together, and learn how to recognize them!


Skin diseases, let’s start with dermatitis

Among the most common skin conditions, we cannot fail to mention dermatitis. dermatitis , an inflammation of the skin that can be triggered by a long list of determinants.

In this area, however, the main cause is certainly atopic eczema, as well as contact dermatitis, which–to put it bluntly–is that which appears the moment we come into contact with stinging or irritating substances (think of some chemicals).

Sometimes the dermatitis is seborrheic, especially if it affects the scalp and face, where sebaceous glands are concentrated in greater density.

Psoriasis, a dreaded autoimmune disease

One of the best-known autoimmune diseases with skin rashes is psoriasis. Particularly dreaded because it is often very invasive and persistent, psoriasis is marked by a disorder of keratinocyte growth and activity, the undesirable dynamism of which results in plaques at the level of the superficial layer of the skin, red in color, lined with whitish scales.

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that can appear at any age, and can affect any part of the skin. It can occur in different forms and in different levels of severity. Unknown are its causes, although one of the triggers is thought to be periods of particularly intense stress.

Impetigo, a condition prevalent especially in children

Regarding the most common skin diseases in children, one reference can certainly be attributed to impetigo. The reason is quickly stated: given that it is a very contagious disease, transmission can easily occur in all those settings where children are in very close contact, as may be the case, for example, in school or sports clubs.

The typical skin manifestation of impetigo is red blisters, especially around the mouth, neck, and navel. The condition is quite bothersome for young patients, considering that the typical lesions of impetigo tend to cause a lot of itching. To prevent the serum contained in the red boils from spreading, infecting other parts of the skin, it is essential to avoid scratching.

What are the skin diseases? Warts and pimples

Warts and pimples are also well regarded as real skin diseases that tend to be contagious.

In particular, warts are found mainly on the hands and soles of the feet, distinguished by the presence of a thickening with a color tending to gray. Widespread even among younger people, they can actually affect any person, of any age.

Another extremely common disease is pimples, either inflammatory or noninflammatory. In the first case we speak of pustules, in the second case of comedones (closed).

Of course, the list of skin diseases could go on and on, considering that this organ is constantly affected by internal and external threats. To find out more, of course, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist of choice, while to maintain the best balance and cleansing of your skin, we recommend that you try the brand new Multi Sensitive Treatment, discovering a true wellness routine for your skin.

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