Soothing face cream: benefits and application tips

soothing face cream

Soothing facial cream or soothing moisturizer is a product designed primarily to go to reduce inflammation and irritation that can go to affect the condition of facial skin. In fact, the emollient properties of some of the ingredients are able to go a long way toward eliminating redness and irritation that make the epidermis look uneven and lackluster.


What are the main benefits of soothing face cream?

When you suffer from problems such as dry and itchy skin or bothersome symptoms also due to premature aging of the face, you can use a soothing moisturizer to help restore the right level of hydration and counteract the advancing free radicals .

With a soothing face cream that can be applied daily, it is possible to go to protect sensitive skin that can more easily develop erythema, hives, and irritation. The creams are formulated in such a way as to always provide the face with good hydration and also protection from external agents such as sun, cold or vendo.

Generally, the advantages of soothing cream are related to its being a treatment that can counteract peculiar problems also due to dry skin or mixed skin type.

With constant use, it is possible to see how the cream and the active ingredients in it allow the skin to soothe redness, itchiness, and redness and make the skin more moisturized, energetic, silky, soft to the touch, and radiant.

How do you apply the cream on the face?

Application of the cream must be done properly to be able to get all the benefits it brings and to best assimilate its active ingredients.

  • The first step is to wash the face with warm water and then gently dry it with a gentle towel, preferably cotton and clean
  • You need to rub the skin lightly without rubbing too hard
  • After washing your face well, apply the cream
  • The cream must be applied to the forehead, tip of the nose, cheekbones and chin
  • Once applied a little cream on each area making circular motions on the face in order to make its components penetrate well
  • The cream should also be applied to the neck and spread well until completely absorbed

Thanks to this careful application of the cream, it is possible to benefit from all the ingredients that penetrate into the deepest layer of the epidermis and help increase collagen production, protect it from redness and discomfort, and make it softer and brighter.

Hug Research Lab’s cream and elixir facial massage.

To moisturize and soothe facial skin, performing a massage with the Hug Research Lab treatments based on CTO Complex. allows you to achieve benefits in a short time.

Specifically, the advice is to follow the lines of massage, known as Langer’s lines. These are virtual lines that if followed while massaging the face, help to reduce the stretching of the epidermis and counteract the appearance of new wrinkles.

Cream application movements should be performed with the fingertips on the skin by tapping the area in order to stimulate proper microcirculation. By applying the cream and elixir before going to bed, it is possible to facilitate the action of the ingredients within the epidermis, as the skin is more receptive during the night. In the morning, however, usually after washing the face only the cream must be applied, which can also be used as an excellent base for makeup.

Creams and treatments such as those from Hug Research Lab are a solution not only to soothe the skin but also to support the fight against free radicals and aging.

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