Skin redness: causes and tips to soothe the problem

reddening of the skin

Reddening of the skin is one of the first symptoms that appears in the presence of skin irritation, but not only that: red spots on the skin can appear in a variety of situations and be due to external factors and certain skin issues.

However, reddened skin associated with itching often appears when you have particularly dry skin, so it is a good idea to moisturize properly by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and applying a cream specific to your skin type.


Skin redness: the main causes

As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why skin redness may occur. In fact, it takes very little to bring out red spots on the skin that may also be accompanied by burning and itching.

For example, temperature changes and the use of excessively hot or excessively cold water can make the skin redden, as well as when there is profuse sweating. Everyone will have experienced reddened skin afterprolonged sun exposure, perhaps without adequate protection.

In addition, the appearance of red spots on the skin can also be due to an allergic reaction, psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema, conditions that affect the skin and require the intervention of a dermatologist.

Reddened skin with itching often occurs as a result of a dermatitis from contact with stinging or irritating substances both natural, such as herbs and plants, and chemical, such as products and detergents. This is a real inflammation that can have several stages and is a very common situation.

In fact, it often happens that red spots on the skin appear when you do household cleaning, perhaps because you come into contact with acidic, alkaline, and caustic substances.

However, if the link to the cause of the skin redness is not identified immediately, and thus perhaps prolonged contact with the irritants, dryness and flaking of the skin may also occur.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency forcing the use of the face mask, reddened skin may appear on the face, especially in the area covered by the protective garment. This happens because wearing a face mask, while necessary to avoid infection, creates an unhealthy environment for the skin as humidity increases and carbon dioxide is retained.

Remedies to soothe red spots on the skin

To identify the right remedies for reddened skin, it is good to know what caused the red spots on the skin to appear. In fact, based on the type of issue, the most suitable solution can be identified, which must be specific to solve the problem.

If it is a mild irritation to the face, perhaps due to prolonged use of the mask, it will be sufficient to perform proper facial cleansing and apply moisturizer. One cutting-edge cosmeceutical that is very effective in soothing reddened skin is cannabis oil and terpenes with anti-inflammatory action.

How to lighten the skin and make it brighter

If you suffer from redness, or have a problem with dry and itchy skin, you need to follow a routine to lighten and brighten it. The advice is to proceed:

  • To the application of a light, moisturizing cream that does not clog pores
  • Always perform thorough facial cleansing before going to bed
  • Always cleanse the face with lukewarm water and mild soaps
  • Use a nourishing and soothing mask once a week.

Through a proper beauty routine and by using high-quality cosmeceutical products, it is possible to go about eliminating redness, brightening the skin and improving its condition, but not only can problems leading to the formation of blemishes such as wrinkles be avoided.

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