Skin irritation: when does it appear and how to relieve it?

skin irritation

Skinirritation of the facial skin is a condition that affects men and women and often accompanies them from childhood to adulthood. Sometimes, it can also be a sudden skin redness due to temperature changes, inflammation, harsh detergents and external agents. It is good to check the health of one’s skin and take action to reduce the discomfort of skin irritation.


Skin irritation: why red spots may appear on the skin

When you have irritated skin, sudden widespread skin redness or real red patches on the face often appear along with a feeling of dry, pulling and itchy skin. If the complaints are quite severe, it is best to contact the dermatologist to understand know the causes of this problem that can often result in dermatitis and be associated with other disorders as well.

Skin irritation often involves an initial active and acute phase during which there may be annoying and unsightly red patches on the face, as in the case of rosacea, dermatitis, and acne, and then progresses to a later phase in which a dry skin condition is more present.

This usually happens because the skin loses its natural protective barrier due to the passage of time, exposure to external agents, use of harsh cleansers, but also due to stress that aggravates the conditions of skin irritation.

Often, pregnancy and menopause, negatively affect leading to a worsening of the situation. Food allergies or intolerances are additional causes of sudden skin redness, but it may persist over time.

Hemp and CBD-based cosmeceuticals to resolve skin irritation

In addition to following some basic directions to reduce redness and skin inflammation, it is also good to choose the right products to apply to the face, both for cleansing and for creams and serums to apply daily.

An innovation in the field of plant and natural extract products that is resolving for the treatment of facial skin irritation are the latest generation of CBD-based cosmetics.

Hemp oil, which is obtained from the plant to be free of THC, i.e., the component with psychotropic effect, has a special formulation that contains a high amount of essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids that promote skin rejuvenation and improve its overall health.

Hemp oil is an ideal youth elixir that can not only eliminate and alleviate stubborn wrinkles, but say goodbye to sudden redness and red spots on the face.

These state-of-the-art cosmeceuticals have high moisturizing power and reach deep into the skin to nourish it.In just a few applications, facial skin will appear toned, smooth and radiant, and skin irritation will be just a memory.

CBD or cannabidiol is an optimal ingredient for a cream skin anti-inflammatory natural as it can solve problems with dermatitis and acne, but more importantly, it can prevent excess free radicals .

In addition, cannabis oil is also accompanied by a substance called alpha-pinene, which has a powerful antimicrobial effect and can prevent irritation and infection in wounds, pimples, pimples, and blackheads.

These are remedies that can be used without problems on both younger and mature skin because being based on natural plant extracts they have no side effects and, in addition, give a pleasant natural lifting effect.

To maximize the benefits of hemp, cosmetics to soothe facial skin irritation should be applied with gentle massage to stimulate microcirculation and promote product absorption.

Thanks to the stimulating properties for the formation of elastin and collagen , the skin will appear radiant and soothed, and this beneficial effect will last for a long time, allowing problems related to skin irritation and the appearance of red spots on the face to be permanently resolved.

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