HUG Research Labs is sensitive to issues arising from skin aging, and for years has focused its efforts on identifying natural ingredients that can provide benefits in the treatment of skin pseudopathologies. For this, HUG Research Labs has come up with a product line that, thanks to the presence of the innovative CTO Complex™, manages to be a valuable ally in skin care.


CBD Face Cream with the innovative CTO Complex™ is able to effectively counteract the problems given by wrinkles, thanks to atargeted relaxing action. The active ingredients in the formula ensure oxygenation and deeper penetration of key ingredients, while themoisturizing action and speed with which the texture is absorbed allow the skin to stay hydrated.

How to use: Apply a veil of cream all over the face, from bottom to top. Its texture absorbs quickly and can be used as a makeup base. Avoid the eye area.


CBD Face Serum consists of an innovative texture that manages to protect the integrity of the skin throughout the day, giving it a vibrant and glowing appearance. Thanks to the presence of the innovative CTO Complex™, the serum is able to combat problems arising from skin aging in both younger and more mature skin.

How to use: Take 3 drops of elixir and put on fingertips. Begin massaging in circular motions, from the inside to the outside of the face, until fully absorbed.


The CTO COMPLEX™ Treatment encompasses both CBD products, Face Serum and Face Cream, in one kit to ensure complete protection andeffective hydration of the face throughout the day. Using both products provides a booster effect, with faster and more effective action.

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