Nose-labial wrinkles: when do they appear? Remedies and treatments

nasolabial wrinkles

The blemishes that appear over time on the face are different among them we find naso-labial wrinkles. Nose-labial wrinkles are among those that can appear earlier in age and can cause more discomfort from a cosmetic point of view. But how to counteract nasolabial frown lines? How to fight the facial wrinkles ? Let’s find out in detail.


Nose-labial wrinkles: what are they and when do they appear?

Wrinkles that appear in the nasolabial area appear as vertical furrows running from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. These appear when making certain specific expressions such as when smiling. In fact, it is not unusual for these to be named smile lines.

This type of wrinkle arises from a young age. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to start appearing around the age of 30 at the time when the process of skin aging sees the bequest of the first expression marks. With the passage of time, collagen reduction, increased free radicals, and a natural decrease in collagen leads to greater loss of tone in the area.

This causes the folds that form in the area between the nose and lips to become increasingly prominent and deep.

Why wrinkles form between the nose and mouth: main causes

Expression lines such as naso-labial wrinkles are caused by constant movement of facial muscles. The muscles of the face are among those most stressed as we use them to express all our emotions.

By frequently stressing the muscles of the face these are subjected to frequent movement and bending, which as the skin ages leads to the formation of the folds and furrows typical of wrinkles.

Structural sagging of the skin, loss of tone, are therefore together with constant stresses on the facial muscles, the main causes of the formation of naso-labial wrinkles.

Facial gymnastics: how can it improve the situation?

Facial gymnastics can not only improve the situation but also prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face. These movements can be made at the time you apply the anti-wrinkle cream also facilitating its action and penetration into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

So, to do the best facial gymnastics exercises, you have to:

  • Apply the cream all over the face including the nose-labial area
  • Inflate the cheeks while keeping the index finger firmly on the lips in order to prevent air from escaping from the mouth
  • With your right hand go to push the air that has formed from one cheek to the other. You must do this step at least ten times total.
  • Deflate your cheeks and contract your lips as if you are about to give a kiss and push your cheekbones upward with your hands, holding the position for 60 seconds.

Following these facial exercises at least once a day before bedtime or in the morning will help you improve the effects of your chosen cream and beauty treatment.

Anti-wrinkle treatments: cosmeceuticals

In the field of dermocosmetics, valuable help to counteract wrinkles in the nasolabial area is given by cosmeceuticals. These products, such as the cream proposed by us at Hug Research Lab, make it possible to go deep into the root causes of wrinkles such as collagen loss and increased free radicals.

Within your beauty routine, therefore, you must go to always include an anti-wrinkle cream that will enable it to effectively fight the signs of aging by nourishing the skin and respecting its composition as much as possible without attacking it, but making it also brighter, toned by sight and touch, and more jovial.

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