Dry and chapped hands: causes and remedies

dry and chapped hands

Dry, chapped hands are a fairly common problem among men and women. Moreover, the causes that could lead to this annoying development are very numerous, and it is not always easy to remedy them effectively.

In this in-depth study, we will try, starting with the causes of dry and chapped hands, to understand how this scenario can be prevented and remedied.


Dry and chapped hands: causes

As we anticipated, the causes of dry and chapped hands are really numerous. After all, we are talking about the part of our body that is most susceptible to contact with the outside world.

Think about it: you use your hands to touch and grasp anything, perform actions all the time, wash them with hot and cold water, and expose them to the cold and heat typical of the seasons. In short, a mix of evidently very aggressive elements that threatens to put a tremendous strain on the condition of any skin, and especially that of the hands.

The agents we just mentioned above, in fact, progressively tend to reduce the hydrolipid film that protects the skin from bacteria and other particularly fierce enemies, thus contributing to the loss of skin hydration and, in short, promoting the emergence of dry hands.

In short, if you feel you have hands like sandpaper, if one dermatitis on chapped hands has just made its appearance, or if you think the stress of dry hands has visited you, know that the reason lies in a combination of factors ranging from cold temperatures to pollution, from the use of harsh detergents to UV exposure, and so on. But how can we respond to this?

Chapped and sore hands natural remedies

Fortunately, it is possible to counteract the symptoms of dry, chapped hands through some particularly effective remedies that aim to protect hands from the attack of external agents, and moisturize them through specific products, such as the best cream for dry, chapped hands that you can buy on our site.

Protect dry and chapped hands

Regarding the protection of dry and chapped hands, remedies can be numerous. For example, during the cold season, it is always a good habit to wear gloves with breathable materials that can counteract the cold and wind on the skin.

Conversely, during the summer season it is definitely advisable to protect the skin with creams containing sunscreens, which can protect the skin from the harmful action of UV rays.

Then as far as washing is concerned, it is always a good idea to use products that are gentle and respect the pH of our skin, thus avoiding subjecting our hands to unnecessary stress.

Moisturizing dry and chapped hands

Turning instead to the other point of our routine against dry and chapped hands, the reference can only be related to the use of certain products and formulations designed specifically to be able to treat skin subject to stress and dehydration.

The hand creams you can find on the market, such as the exclusive solutions you can buy on our site, are able to regenerate the skin of dry and chapped hands, going on to provide increased hydration and, therefore, strengthening the skin’s protective barrier. The formulations are gentle, to respect even particularly dry and delicate skin, but are remarkably effective from the very first applications.

Among the most useful products in this regard, we like to point you to our Skinglove, a solution for disinfecting hands that, however, does not attack dry and delicate skin-such as that prone to xerosis-while avoiding deterioration of the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier and film.

A targeted solution to allow you to frequently sanitize the skin on your hands even when you cannot resort to running tap water, with long-term protection that will nourish your hands with active ingredients designed especially for them.

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